Sunday, March 29, 2009


On yhe night we had the reading and writing test, it is raining cat and dog. I try to think how should i go to bakawali hall for the test. At last, i took the decision to us e the umbrella. Eventhiough it still get me wet, bu at least i still can sit for the test rather than i do nothing and got 0!! when i enter the hall, it is so cold there. I feel like i'm living inside the i sit and calm on my self, miss syaz give me the paper and ask all of us to check the paper. As the time start, i take my time to pray for my success and starting to answer the question. The question on that night not so difficult but it is confusing enough to make my head dizzy. that's all for my my reading and writing test, lets move on to litening test. Actually, i woke up a little big on that morning. i try to walk as fast as i can to reach to the class on the time. By the time i enter the class, i feel relief when i see miss still not in the class. So, i can take some time to take a breath. As the test started, i try to focussed to the narrator but i can give my full attension to it. I feel quite stress when the time is running out because i could'nt answer properly. On the day i have the speaking test, i had a littlwe bit personal problem that also effect on my emotional when i taking the test. ON this oppurtunity, i want to make an appologize to miss syaz because i suddenly went out while we having the test. I really can't controll my self on that time. I feel very regret of what has happen on that day, because i cant speak well with my messy emotional. That's all that i can share to all of you......let's meet in the next blog... see ya! =)


  1. It's okay..If you feel like sharing anything with me, you're welcomed to do so..Don't let your problem impedes your study..