Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happen In Mylife

Once in ourlife, there must be one thing that make we feel very happy and grateful. I also have experience on that. this thing happen when i am in form 5. My 'ustazah' ask me to participate in the pendidikan islam quiz. there are 4 of us who are presenting our school. As we reach there and go to the registration counter, we get shock!!! the iquiz is about 'FALAK'!!! we did'n know anything about can we get involve in the quiz??? But we try to find some info there bcoz on that week, there are a falak convention. when the quiz is started. we feel so scared. can we perform in this quiz??? Did you know what happen in the end of the quiz??? we get 2nd prizes!!! we get so shock bcoz we had turn down one of the best AGAMA school!!! that make me feel there is the best thiing in my life.......


  1. Wow..It shows that we can achieve anything we want if we try..You'd proven it!

  2. ko skolah agama ke dulu?