Sunday, February 8, 2009

what would i like to change about my self

In this beautiful mortal world. nobody is perfect.everybody want to change something about themself. it also happen to me.i want to change my attitude that some time make someone feel hurt. especially among my friends and family. i also want to be a hardworking person,because now i feel i'am a lazy person. on the other hand, i also want to change something to my appearance. I want to look confidence infront of people. i always want to look smart infront of people, so that i'll be more confidence to talk or discuss anything with them. One more thing that i want to change on my appearance is i want to loose my weight., because it also help me to build my confidence. I also tried not to be too shy, because it's make me difficult especially when i'am doing my presentation infront of the audience. hmm...there's many thing that i want to change about my self..but, i'll tell you letter.....


  1. too shy????????????????

  2. ya looor..i'am a shy person maa...hahaha

  3. whatever...gud luck bob..
    u can do it..

  4. Sometimes you're a shy boy, but most of the time you tend to be a very extrovert one..As long as you have a strong will to change, I know one day you can be a better person..Gambatte kudasai!