Thursday, January 29, 2009

HoW i SpEnD mY hoLiday???

This mid term does'nt bring so much meaning as a holiday for me,because i had a lot of work to settle down during this holiday.with a lot of assigment that had been given by the lecturer,it stress me to be so buzy this holiday.but until this time,i still not yet started doing my assignment because there is a lot of work i had to settle at home. on the weekend, i did the clearence at my old house. i had transfer all the things from the old house to the new house.then, i had to choose the things that is not usefull anymore to be thrown over the dustbin.after that, i had to tidy all the things neatly so that my new house will not look fussy with a lot of thing over here and there.a day after after that, i had fever. it might bcoz of i did not have enought rest.What a buzy holiday!!! i hope that i wont get this kind f holiday anymore bcoz it make me so tired and feel stress!!! but i still "ENJOY" this beutiful and meaningfull holiday. hope all of you enjoy it too....heppy holiday my friends!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My experience being a UiTMT student for one semester

On the first day of registration is just like what i had when i am first entered the school.The best thing i had is i am excluded for the MMS because i am the second intake student.The first classmate i meet was aiman,because ghe is my room mate.On the first day of my academic session,i have to meet KP for coarse registration.The best thing on the day is,majority of us the second intake student wearing a yellow shirt,including the KP. the way of life here not so much different like what i'am having at home. i got a lot of friends here. they are vary kind to me and they are so caring.i had a lot of fun during last semester. especially during our event at dungun,anual dinner and also our class party. I also enjoy my fasting month.I didn't felt starving during that month because i enjoy all the activity here.tha's all for my first entry. There lot that i can share here.see again on the next entry. happy lovely ever.......